Test Monitor

April 28, 2010

I am currently sitting quietly while my mother takes a math exam. Her name is Lety by the way. She had enrolled into a community college she was attending prior to her stroke. One of her goals in life was to achieve a degree. Ironically she was previously interested with English courses but has taken a keen interest in Mathmatics. Her current course is remedial at the adult college but Lety enjoys the experience and schedule of being a student. Today is her final’s exam. This is also the end of her second semester. She had to repeat the course but just barely due to her scores. This exam is computerized which is a benefit since the screen only shows one problem at a time. Her previous test proved much more challenging as did her course work because as a result of her stroke she was dealing with a deficit on her left side thus not reading half of the questions on her pages. I hope she does well today and passes.


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