The Moment

April 27, 2010

I have thought about where to begin and remembered how much my mother lives in the “here and now” or “moment” as she calls it.  That expression I believe was adopted from years of therapists asking my Mom to focus on the task in front of here.  The last 3 plus years have gone by pretty fast and I am grateful for the gift it has really been to all of us.  It has also been hard work, difficult and challenging.  In keeping up with what is going on currently I imagine i will slowly bring everyone up to speed on what my mother went thru after her stroke.  I hope to relate the past with present day events to enlighten those interested in what surviving a stroke is about.  At least how its affected our family.


One Response to “The Moment”

  1. Gail Says:

    Lety is a special person who is dedicated to her family and warms the heart of everyone who finds a friend in her. I have been blessed with her friendship for 30 years and find her to be the most sincere and welcoming friend ever, she is truly amazing, intelligent, determined and blessed with three wonderful sons. Seeing Letys progress as she deals with the result of this stroke, from the hospital to today is an encouraging feat that should not be taken lightly.. She is strong willed and determined, loved and supported by a loving family and many friends, and she not only does what the Dr says, but makes sure she understands everything that is going on with her, I believe that is why she has come so far. Keep up the good work Lety, we all love you!

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